Monday, 17 June 2019



For taco shells
1 cup maize flour/makki ka aata
1 cup maida + for dusting
salt to taste
2 tbsp oil
oil for deep frying

For Filling:

Felafel balls 2 no. for each taco shell
sour cream or hung yogurt add salt to taste
salad of thinly sliced onion,shredded carrots and cabbage with some salt to taste
tomato salsa sauce
pomegranate seeds or coriander leaves or parsley leaves for garnishing


For Taco Shells:
  1. Sieve maize flour and all purpose flour together.
  2. Add salt and 2 tbsp oil and mix.
  3. Knead a soft dough using warm water.
  4. Take out a ball of the dough,dust it with some flour and roll a thin chapati with the help of a rolling pin.
  5. Take a approx.4 to 8"round cutter or a bowl and cut into round disks..
  6. Prick with a fork or knife randomly, to avoid the Tacos puffing up while frying.
  7. Meanwhile, heat oil in a wide and deep-bottomed frying pan or kadahi(wok).
  8. Add the circular disc to the hot oil gently one at a time.
  9. Keep turning it around and fry on low flame till it turn golden brown and crisp throughout.
  10.  Remove them with a slotted spoon and drain them on absorbent towel. Immediately place the rolling pin in the middle of the fried circular disk while it is still hot and give the disk shape of taco shell, hold it for a minute.Keep aside to be used later on. 
  11.  Repeat the process with the remaining dough.
How to assemble:

  1. Take a Taco shell and place some salad in the center, then place falafel balls over the salad, then some tomato salsa and top it with some sour cream. 
  2. Garnish it with some pomegranate seeds and fresh coriander leaves.

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