Wednesday 1 January 2014


Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 45 minutes
Serves: 25-30


500 gms atta (wheat flour)
400 gms caster sugar (bura sugar)
400 gm pure ghee
250 gm khoya
Dry fruits (to taste): almonds,pistachios, raisins


1. Heat ghee in a kadahi over low heat.
2. Add the flour and cook on medium flame stirring occasionally till it becomes brown in color,and leaves ghee. Do not over cook it may give a burnt smell.
3. After the flour is cooked, add dry fruits of your choice and mix well.
4. Add khoya , but first cook it over low heat in a pan with a table spoon of ghee till it leaves the sides of the pan or you can do it in microwave also.
5. Turn off the heat and add the bura sugar after sieving it with the help of a stainer and mix well.Check for the sweetness if you like you can add more sugar as per taste.
6. After the mixture gets cool, take a small amount of the mixture in your hand and press it tightly to make balls of desired size.
7. Place the pinnies in open till they are completely cool.Then you can store them in a container. In winters these pinnies can be stored for a month even.You can eat pinnies when they are cool but if you like you can heat them in microwave and eat warm pinnies.


  1. If you are cooking khoya in a microwave then the time it will take to get dry will depend on its consistency, if it is almost dry then it will take 3-5 minutes otherwise you will need to cook it for more time, you will need to stir it in between otherwise it will be spoiled.
  2. I feel it is better to do it in a kadahi and it is really necessary to cook khoya otherwise the pinnies will start giving foul smell after 3-4 days.
  3. You can make pinnies without khoya also if you are doing so then reduce the quantity of sugar and increase the quantity of ghee.

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