Friday, 26 October 2018


Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time : 30 minutes
Serves: 10

500 gms maida
150 gms pure ghee
500 gms sugar
200 gms water for sugar syrup
ghee for frying
pistachios and silver work for garnishing


  1. Rub ghee with madia till you get a crumb like mixture.
  2. Make a tight dough using little water and keep the dough on rest for 1/2 an hour.
  3. Now divide the dough in 12-15 equal portions (depending upon the size you want) and roll each one into a disk of 3-5" like a chapati but don't make it thin like chapati. 
  4. Now prick each mathi with knife or fork from both the side and fry them in medium to low hot ghee till it starts changing color.Keep them aside to get cool.
  5. Heat 200 grms of water in a pan and all the sugar and make a two string sugar syrup.
  6. Now dip the fried mathis in sugar syrup one by one and then keep them on a strainer so that extra syrup is drained out.
  7. Don't make a pile of the mathis. Keep each one separately and let them get dry.
  8. Now garnish each mathi with silver foil and pistachios.
  9. Now mathis are ready to be served.

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