Tuesday, 17 April 2018



100 gms gooseberry
100 - 150 gms sugar as per taste
1 lemon
250 ml water


  1. Wash the Gooseberries thoroughly and put them in a pressure cooker along with 250 ml. water.
  2. Switch off the gas after 2 whistles and let the pressure release by itself.
  3. The Gooseberries will become tender, strain the water in a pan and remove the seeds from the Gooseberries.
  4. Put the De-seeded Gooseberries in a mixer and make a paste.
  5. Add this paste to the strained water along with sugar and cook the mixture till the sugar dissolves.
  6. Add lemon juice and check the consistency.
  7. Cook further for some more time till it thickens and reaches the desired consistency.
  8. Fill the jam in a sterilized container and keep it in the fridge.   
 Recipe contributed by:
Mrs. Indu Aggarwal

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