Thursday, 12 May 2016


 Hereby I am providing you the link of a list which can help you order your grossery,vegetables and fruits easily. Sometimes we go to the market and bring all the desired goods accept one or two for that we go to the market again. So here is a list of the items we need in any Indian kitchen and are available in all the super markets or in big grossery shops. So always keep a printout of this list with you and make a list of the items you want to bring from market or you want to order. I am using this list for last 20 years and believe me I make my list from this list and I need not bother for the whole month for the grossery . Just before making the list check what all you have in the stock and make a list according to your family requirement once in a month for grossery, once in a week for fruits and vegetables and daily for dairy products. You can add more items if I missed any as per your family requirements. 


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