Monday, 4 August 2014


Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time : 0 minutes
Serves: 12

1 cups chopped mint leaves (phudina)
1 tbsp chopped coriander (dhania)
2" piece ginger
4 to 5 green chillies
1 tsp roasted cumin seeds powder / jeera powder
1/2 cup sugar or as per taste
1 1/2 tsp black salt
a pinch of hing
juice of two lemons/1/4 cup tamarind pulp
bottled soda water
salt to taste

Method :
  1. Combine tamarind pulp with the remaining ingredients except the black salt in a blender and grind to a fine paste using a little water.
  2. Transfer the paste into a large bowl and combine with black salt and salt and mix well.
  3. Add chilled soda water and ice cubes.
  4. Add boondi.

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